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5 user9051074

A while back I had lost my job and was going through a divorce that was pretty ugly, and was forced into a position where I was attempting to get a loan modification completed. After getting the run-around from Wells Fargo I decided to attempt to sell the property but was up-side down in value due to the falling real estate prices.

This is when Julianne’s service and caring personality helped to rescue me financially, and get me back on my feet to start rebuilding my life. Julianne was able to complete a short sale of my house with a buyer that was also finding it difficult to get Wells Fargo to cooperate by pushing Wells Fargo to make a decision, and in the meantime keeping the potential purchaser of the home from moving on to another property.

Julianne is not the type of real estate agent that you hire to sell or purchase a home and only deal with when you need a service, but a caring person who for years now has stayed in touch with me and occassionally sends an email or card to ask how everything in my life is. I will have Julianne as my real estate agent for any transactions that occur moving forward in my life, and highly recommend that you give her a call and find out why I will never use someone else.

5 TJ14

Thank you Julianne for your great work and the smooth process of the way you handled it all, all the call’s and showings and you were so fast on your feet. you made it all look so easy and you managed to carry my stress levels to the max, if your looking for someone to lead you in the right direction and to tell you right where you stand, LET ME SAY JULIANNE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH.

5 user2700749

I have worked with a lot of agents over the years, as an investor and home owner, and I can tell you that Julianne is what you want for a realtor. She thinks about the long term consequences of her clients decisions and doesn’t just try to close the sale. She is a real, down to earth, local resident and very easy to speak with honestly, and candidly. Not a flashy yes person trying to put up high numbers. I appreciate that.

5 user315261

I first met Julianne completely by chance, actually in line at the post office. She was talking to someone who happened to be a client of hers at the time. I was so impressed by her obvious knowledge, caring & desire to be helpful that I asked her if she could help me find a buyer for my house. She warned me that our house was considered a unique property, an old farmhouse with an attached in-law apartment & llama enclosure that might be difficult to sell but that she would do everything she could to help us. Because of her many contacts, use of the internet, successful open houses & just plain hard work we were able to find a buyer within just a couple of months! Not everything went completely smoothly due to various obstacles such as price negotiations, buyer needing to sell their house first, etc. but Julianne handled it all with good grace & a sense of humor. We couldn’t be more pleased with her professional behavior & consider her also a good friend. Thanks Julianne!

5 rachael007

Julianne is a great person to contact if you are looking for an honest, personal Realtor who is patient and reliable! Julianne is very knowledgeable and willing to help

5 kimberlyo960

I wouldnt recommend anyone else but Julianne Krutka, she is awesome, was always there whenever we needed a question answered, worked with us on our first home, made the whole process stress free and completely smooth. Anyone looking for a realitor in the area should know shes the best for sure!

5 edrumm54

Julianne was so responsive and present throughout the entire process of looking at and then buying our home. Not having experience in this area, I was very anxious and texted her constantly. Julianne responded to every single text and phone call within 30 minutes or less! I felt incredibly supported. If I know of anyone looking for a realtor, I will recommend Julianne Krutka without reservation and suggest you do the same!

5 moose27665

She is awesome. She gets the job done and is always responsive and helpful. She has sold both my grandmothers and parents houses and helped me buy my first. Would recommend her to anyone

5 SaraMinniear

Julianne is great to work with, knowledgable, professional, friendly and responds quickly. She helped us find our dream home and walked us through every step along the way!

5 E Bennar

We started working with Julianne as a part of a short sale. She was very responsive and helped us respond to bank and legal inquiries very quickly. Julianne had the appropriate paperwork ready, and for questions she didn’t know the answer to – she did the appropriate research and helped us through the process.

5 Jeannette72

Julianne actually ‘filled in’ for the person we originally had chosen as our local Western Ma. Realtor, and came to open a house for us; which by the way, was a dump. She then mentioned a house on the market and suggested we drive to take a look at it. Gave us the address, shook our hands, and that was THAT. We almost didn’t go see it. I am now so very glad we did. As it turns out, this is our dream home. Julianne met us the next day and we toured the home and property, This was July 2011 – right now our present home is ont he market, and so is our dream home. We hope the stars align for us to sell and to buy. Julianne has been in touch with me the whole time. She’s just a joy and we are so honored to have her in our corner….both as our realtor, and our friend. She is just awesome!!!

5 CaseyB.Walsh

In one of the worst sellers markets since the great depression Mrs. Krutka was able to sell my house within 6 hours of placing it on the market. This is despite the fact that my home was worth what I owed and needed some work. I needed a miracle but a miracle wasn’t good enough. I needed a Profesional and I found it in Julianne Krutka. If you need your home sold you would be foolish not to contact Julianne Krutka.

Sincerely, Casey B. Walsh (Home sold on 26 may 2011)

4 awilson67

Julianne was a big help when we put my mother’s home on the market when it became apparent that my mom would not be able to live alone. Not only did she help get the house sold, she actually helped me and my siblings pack up my mother’s house. Julianne is not just my real estate person, she has been my best friend for over 35 years. She is a hard worker and knowledgable real estate agent. Even if she wasn’t my best friend, I would call on her again to help me buy or sell a house.

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