Julianne Krutka


5 ams2858

Julianne is a top notch professional who is very easy to work with. We had to sell a mobile home of our mother’s after she passed It looked good but we were surprised with problems we couldn’t see. …

5 SaraMinniear

Julianne is great to work with, knowledgable, professional, friendly and responds quickly. She helped us find our dream home and walked us through every step along the way!

5 moose27665

She is awesome. She gets the job done and is always responsive and helpful. She has sold both my grandmothers and parents houses and helped me buy my first. Would recommend her to anyone

5 edrumm54

Julianne was so responsive and present throughout the entire process of looking at and then buying our home. Not having experience in this area, I was very anxious and texted her constantly. Julianne …

5 kimberlyo960

I wouldnt recommend anyone else but Julianne Krutka, she is awesome, was always there whenever we needed a question answered, worked with us on our first home, made the whole process stress free and completely …

5 rachael007

Julianne is a great person to contact if you are looking for an honest, personal Realtor who is patient and reliable! Julianne is very knowledgeable and willing to help

5 user315261

I first met Julianne completely by chance, actually in line at the post office. She was talking to someone who happened to be a client of hers at the time. I was so impressed by her obvious knowledge, …

5 user2700749

I have worked with a lot of agents over the years, as an investor and home owner, and I can tell you that Julianne is what you want for a realtor. She thinks about the long term consequences of her clients …

5 TJ14

Thank you Julianne for your great work and the smooth process of the way you handled it all, all the call’s and showings and you were so fast on your feet. you made it all look so easy and you managed …

5 user9051074

A while back I had lost my job and was going through a divorce that was pretty ugly, and was forced into a position where I was attempting to get a loan modification completed. After getting the run-around …

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